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 LOT 225
Extremely Rare “LAZARI COMINAZ” Marked Italian Over/
Under Wheellock Pistol - NSN, 52 cal., 11 1/4 inch octagon bbl.,
bright finish, hardwood stock. Double barrel wheellock pistols are already
rare, but examples in this unusual “tuning-fork” configuration are incredibly rare, and most examples known are from Germany in the mid and late-16th century rather than Northern Italy. The pistol is built almost like one pistol set upside down on top of another and has two of everything except the stock and pommel cap. The smoothbore, tapered, octagonal barrels are
both marked “LAZARI COMINAZ” with trefoil accents. The trigger guards are attached to the
engraved barrel tangs. The trigger guards and the various accent plates on the stocks have
intricate, pierced, interlaced scrollwork. The locks have border and floral engraving on the
flats below the wheels and lighter engraving on wheels themselves, dogs, and pans. The
locks are secured via a screw through each lock at the front and a single screw from one
into the other at the rear. The inside of the locks have a “crown/BP” maker’s mark and some additional light scroll engraving. The triggers are finely sculpted and pierced. There are no provisions for ramrods. The stock is three-pieces with slabs on either side of the barrels ahead
of the locks and a butt-section with fishtail pommel with an iron cap.

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