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LOT 238
Highly Attractive, Elaborately Embellished, Gilded Soviet Era Dagestan/Caucasian Style Shamshir with Matching Scabbard - This beautifully embellished 20th century shamshir was likely made during the Soviet-era for presentation purposes as clearly demonstrated by the full coverage ornamentation on the gilt silver hilt and scabbard. It is a type of high end artistry reserved only for high ranking public or military officials. Unfortunately the name of the artisan has been lost to time, but the quality of craftsmanship and sheer amount of finely detailed ornate decoration points directly to a grand master of the profession, second to none. For a collector looking for only the best in highly embellished edged weapons, especially from the Soviet block, look no further! It features the traditional, dramatically curved, blade of typical Caucasian shamshirs that has three fullers and measures approximately 28 1/2 inches. The hilt is gilt silver and beautifully embellished with relief floral designs with pink, green, and red glass gem accents, panels on each side of the grip area accented with blue, green, and lavender enamel, and a tiger head shaped pommel. The guard is the typical cross shape with chappes on both sides of the blade and straight quillions with spherical finials. The matching scabbard is also made of gilded silver and is embellished in full coverage to match the hilt of the sword, including the relief floral designs, gems, and enameled panels. CONDITION: Very fine, the exceptional blade mostly bright with some light rubbing marks from the scabbard and a few very light nicks in the sharpened edge. Much of the original bright gold gilding on the hilt and scabbard, with the balance showing an attractively aged darkened appearance, and all of the unidentified/glass gemstones appear to be present. A beautiful presentation grade shamshir created by a master artisan worthy of the finest private collection! Estimate: 8,000 - 12,000

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