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        LOT 304
Twenty-Eight American Aviation Badges - Grouping consists of three single-winged “O” observer badges, three single-winged “US” aviator badges (2 normal size, one lapel pin sized), and twenty-two double-winged “US” badges. Two of the single-winged “US” and one of the “O” badges are silver wire bullion, the rest are metal construction, mostly silver. Several of the “US” badges are marked as sterling silver, including two marked to Tiffany & Company of New York. CONDITION: Very good, with minor handling marks.
Provenance: The Putnam Green/Sycamore Collection.
Estimate: 2,500 - 3,500
LOT 305
Four Army Air Force Aviation Patches - The group consists of a patch for the 527th Fighter/Bomber Squadron (bullion/silk, featuring a crow with a telescope in one claw about to throw a bomb at something, with attachment snaps on the back), two patches for the 85th Fighter Squadron (one painted on treated canvas featuring a winged flying skull, the other embroidered on cloth with a winged helmet), and a patch for the 66th Pursuit Squadron (painted white leather, with a bird with a cigar and boxing gloves throwing a punch). Also included is a set of metal aviator’s wings (silver finished, no makers marks).
CONDITION: Very good, with mild wear and handling marks. The 85th “Skull” patch shows traces of a protective covering, which has partially flaked off.
Provenance: The Putnam Green/Sycamore Collection.
Estimate: 2,000 - 3,000

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