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      Finished in a fine full blue, this pistol follows the overall military pattern closely, with the company address
and trademark on the left side of the slide, while the right side of the slide is blank. No U.S. inspector or property markings are present, and the right side of the frame is marked “U S & S CO/EXP No 12”. Fitted
with a flat top rear sight, short stamped trigger, long grip safety, thin checkered hammer, slide stop, thumb safety, and mainspring housing, Keyes Fiber checkered grips, “S” marked full blue magazine, and a full blue High Standard barrel marked “HS” and “P” on the lug. Includes an M1912 squad pistol cleaning kit in the “US” marked metal case that includes 10 cleaning rods, a number of pin punch/screwdrivers, an oiler can, an empty tin, 10 bore brushes, and what appears to be the original paper wrapping marked “KIT, PISTOL
Excellent, retains 98% plus of the factory applied presentation grade blue finish with a few scattered light handling marks and some slight thinning on the chamber of the barrel. The grips are also excellent with only the slightest handling marks and crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent. The cleaning kit is very fine showing minimal evidence of the use, appearing to have primarily been stored, and the exterior paper wrapping showing moderate wear and tears.
Estimate: 14,000 - 22,500

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