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  LOT 391
  DWM 1902 Luger Semi-Automatic Carbine with Matching Numbered Stock - Serial no. 21901, 7.65 mm Luger Auto cal., 11 3/4 inch round
bbl., blue finish, hardwood grips. The DWM Luger Carbine was intended as a substitute for the light hunting rifles then available on the market, being highly compact when disassembled and light and easy to maneuver when together. Reportedly Kaiser Wilhelm II favored the Luger Carbine for European medium-sized game, the compact weapon being easier to manage with the handicap of his weakened left arm. Ramp
blade front and sliding rear sight graduated from 100 to 300 meters, with the early pattern recessed
bolt and dished toggle knobs with toggle lock mechanism and “DWM” front toggle link. The small parts
are finished in fine straw or niter blue colors, with a checkered Schnabel-tip forearm, nickel finished
magazine with wood base, and a detachable stock with blued mounting iron, checkered wrist and
serrated horn buttplate. The magazine is unnumbered but the other components are matching in a
“commercial” numbering pattern, including the forearm wood, forearm mounting iron, the grip panels
and the stock iron.
CONDITION: Very fine, with 75% of the original blue finish, showing areas of brown and gray patina,
bright edge wear, and minor spotting and handling marks overall. The refurbished straw colors remain 80% intact. The
otherwise fine wood has been revarnished, with mild dings, scratches and flat spots on the crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 7,500 - 12,000
LOT 392
Rare and Desirable Pre-World War I Imperial German DWM Model 1906 Unaltered First Issue Navy Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol with Kiel Shipyard Marking - Serial no. 1163a, 9 mm Luger cal., 6 inch round bbl., blue
finish, walnut grips. This is a very fine example of an Imperial German DWM Model 1906 First Issue, unaltered, Navy
Luger pistol, one of approximately 8,000 of this model originally manufactured. These were the standard pre-World War I Navy Luger issued to the Imperial German Navy all the way through World War I and even into the Weimar era. This first issue Navy 1906 Luger has the desirable 6 inch Navy
barrel, two-position 100-200 meter Navy rear sight, grip safety, and the desirable first variation safety markings with “GESICHERT” in the lower position. The majority of these first issue Navy Lugers had their safety markings modified, with this rare example one of the very few that escaped this alteration and still retains its original safety marking in the lower position. It has all matching visible numbers with a correct unnumbered pre-war Navy magazine with nickel
plated body and wooden base with concentric circles. The top of the chamber area is undated, and the standard “DWM” logo is marked on the front toggle. The underside of the barrel is marked with a “Crown/M” acceptance proof and a “Crown” firing proof on the left. The left of the barrel extension has the “Crown” firing
proof followed by double “Crown/M” acceptance proof marks. “Crown” proof mark also located on the left of the breech block. It has the standard military style serial number placement with “1163a” marked on the underside of the barrel, front of the frame and the underside of the barrel extension. Various
small parts are marked with the last two digits of the serial number. “W.K./1529” unit marking of Kiel Shipyard on the rear grip strap.
CONDITION: Very fine, retains 80% original blue finish with a few small patches of light pitting,
and crisp markings and edges in the metal. Half of the original straw finish remains on the small
parts. Grips are also very fine with mostly clear checkering, some light scratches, and defined edges. Mechanically excellent. A rare example of a DWM Model 1906 unaltered first issue Navy Luger pistol that would make a fine addition to any Luger or German Military arms collection! Estimate: 5,000 - 7,500

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