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   LOT 397
Rare and Highly Desirable World War I Imperial German Danzig Arsenal
Gewehr 98 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle with Scope - Serial no. 4096e, 7.92 mm Mauser cal., 29 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut stock.
Manufactured in 1917, is a fine example of a Danzig Arsenal Gewehr 98 Mauser sniper rifle
   as issued by the Imperial German Army and deployed on the Western Front of World War I. These rifles were selected by the factory and later modified by the addition
of the scope bases designed for the early German sniper scopes in a few different variations, with this example correctly wearing an Oigee (Berlin) made Luxor 3x scope with a double claw front mount, double claw rear base/mount offset to the left, and
a turned down bolt handle. In addition to the improvement to ranged precision fire,
the scopes were also noted to act as a form of passive light amplification, allowing
German marksmen to deliver aimed shots from long range in light considered too
weak for iron sights. The bolt and components, barrel bands, rear sight, barrel, trigger
guard, trigger guard screws, floorplate, stock and buttplate are serial numbered to match the receiver. Various
German acceptance proofs marked on the receiver, components and buttstock. “Gew. No. 5781t” inscribed on the left of the scope body,
“OIGEE.Berlin” and “LUXOR 3x 67792” on either side of the windage base, and “5781” on the claw ring bases. Includes muzzle cover.
CONDITION: Fine, retaining 60% original blue finish with some scattered patches of light pitting and smooth brown patina on the balance. The receiver and
bolt remain bright with some patches of light pitting. Sharp markings in the metal overall. Stock is also fine with defined edges, some light scratches, a few
small scuffs and chips, and crisp inspection stampings. Scope is very fine, 85% original blue finish remains with some scattered light freckling, and clear optics. Mechanically excellent. This desirable example of an Imperial German Gewehr 98 sniper rifle would make an excellent addition to any Mauser or World War I collection! Estimate: 8,500 - 13,000
      World War II German Berlin-Lubecker “duv 43” Code G41 Semi-Automatic Rifle -
Serial no. 9697D, 8 mm cal., 22 inch round bbl., blue finish, laminate stock. Manufactured in 1943 before the introduction of the G43 rifle, the G41 was one of the only production model semi-automatic rifles to use the “gas trap” system, as opposed to the gas port used on the G43, which has become the de-facto standard
for gas-operated weaponry from World War II up through the modern day. The barrel has the standard blade front and tangent rear sights, the model and manufacturer markings on the left side of the finely machined receiver, machined metal dust cover, and a machined bolt carrier with a solid cocking knob, and a left side mounted bolt catch. A set of scope rails are integrally machined into the receiver around the rear sight for use with a ZF41-pattern low-powered marksman optic. Fitted with a smooth laminated pistol grip stock, with a double “eagle/Waffenamt” proof on the right side, sling, resin handguard and a cupped stamped steel buttplate. CONDITION: Fine, with 60% of the original blue finish, showing a mixed brown patina on the remainder, spotting on the buttplate, and mild handling marks overall. The external numbers are matching, with mixed numbers on some of the internals. The stock is fine as lightly sanded and re-oiled, with faint markings and a few mild dents. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 8,500 - 11,000
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