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 LOT 110
Excellent Cased Smith & Wesson Number Two Army Revolver with Rare Five Inch Barrel - Serial no. 75854, 32 cal., 5 inch solid rib bbl., blue finish, rosewood grips. Manufactured from 1861-1874. Round blade front sight with notched rear sight. The barrel is marked “SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD MASS.” on top of the rib, with the patent marking around the cylinder and the assembly number “LL1” on the grip frame, barrel lug and cylinder. Fitted with a casehardened, checkered hammer and trigger, and a pair of smooth rosewood grips with a flared butt. Right grip panel is numbered to the gun. Comes with a period partitioned cased lined in green velvet and containing a box of UMC .32 Short RF cartridges (46 rounds, mix of “P”, “U”, and “H” head stamps), 10 loose .32 Long RF cartridges, and case key. CONDITION: Excellent, with 95% original blue finish, showing a few areas of gentle flaking to a brown patina and collector type handling marks. The hammer and ejector retain most of their original case colors, which exhibit a beautiful low-luster natural appearance. Grips are excellent, with a few light pressure dents. Mechanically excellent. The case is very good with a crack on the lid, minor handling storage marks, and a hole on the lid lining, otherwise high edge wear on the interior. A Smith & Wesson collector will search long and hard to find a better example of a Five Inch Number Two Revolver. Estimate: 5,000 - 7,500
LOT 111
San Francisco Police Issued U.S. Smith & Wesson Second Model Schofield
Single Action Revolver with U.S. Holster Rig - Serial
no. 8591, 45 S&W cal., 7 inch solid rib bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. Manufactured for the
U.S. Military and later issued to the San Francisco Police Department by Benicia Arsenal. Approximately 300
Schofield models were issued to the San Francisco Committee of Safety during the labor riots and civil unrest of 1877-78 caused by the great railroad strikes that sprung up in many large cities across the
United States. Records do exist of these 300 revolvers being issued; however, no records exist of them being returned and it is popular belief that once the riots were put down all the revolvers were obtained by the California militia. This example is stamped with the rack number “217” behind the hammer. The butt is stamped “US,” U.S. Ordnance sub-inspector stamps “W” and “P” are on the rear of the cylinder, frame under the cylinder, and underside of the
barrel lug, “1877” dated left grip panel, cartouches both grip panels, and matching serial numbers on the butt, cylinder, and right grip panel. Includes a U.S. leather flap holster and belt with U.S. buckle.
CONDITION: Fine, retaining 40% plus original blue finish with a smooth brown-gray patina on the balance. Traces of original case colors remain on the hammer and trigger guard. The grips are very good with a number of dings, faint cartouche on the left panel, and crisp “CW” cartouche on the right panel. The holster rig is good. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 4,500 - 6,500
           LOT 112
Fine Smith & Wesson No. 3 American 2nd Model Single Action Revolver - Serial no. 22968, 44 S&W American cal., 8 inch solid
rib bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. The American model was introduced 3 years before the Colt Single
Action Army revolver and is probably, more than any other model, associated with the historic American West. As S&W expert
Roy Double pointed out over fifty years ago, “This was a work gun; a big, heavy-caliber holster gun worn openly and ready to
hand; a timely gun indigenous to America on the move and a part of America’s greatest adventures.” Difficult to obtain in any condition, this well above average American Model revolver is indeed a rare and desirable firearm. The right grip panel is serialized “3604.” Matching assembly numbers appear on the grip frame, cylinder, barrel, and barrel latch.
CONDITION: Fine, retaining 70% original blue finish with thinning to brown on the balance. 20% original case colors remain on the trigger guard. 95% original case colors remain on the hammer. The replacement grips are also fine with mild high edge wear and minor dings mostly on the bottom. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 3,000 - 4,500

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