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Spectacular L.D. Nimschke Engraved Silver and Gold Plated Smith & Wesson .44 Double Action First Model Revolver with Pearl Grips and Factory Letter - Serial no. 7169, 44 S&W Russian cal., 5 inch solid rib bbl., silver/gold finish, pearl grips. S&W introduced their .44 Double Action First Model revolver in 1881, and offered here is a wonderful example of a featuring exhibition level engraving by famed 19th century Master Engraver L.D. Nimschke, two-tone gold and silver plating, and pearl grips. Its combination of high condition and fine Nimschke embellishment will make it a standout piece in even the most advanced decorative arts collection. The revolver is decorated in profuse, near full coverage period Nimschke style floral scroll engraving on punch dot background along with zig-zag line and dot borders. Both sides of the barrel have Nimschke’s signature arrow motif amongst the scroll panels. The 1 7/16 inch cylinder is engraved to match and is plated in gold. These are strong Nimschke motifs that are deeply cut into the steel canvas and cover nearly all of the surface. The arrow motif is very similar to a Nimschke signed engraved gold and nickel plated, pearl stocked S&W Frontier DA revolver no. 8738, which is pictured and identified in R.L. Wilson’s “L.D. Nimschke Firearms Engraver” on page xxxxi. Also note that the two revolvers share the same zig-zag line and dot motif on the barrel. The frame and barrel are plated in silver, and the cylinder, trigger guard, and barrel latch are plated in gold. The hammer and trigger have the standard casehardened finish. The matching serial number appears on the barrel and cylinder. The accompanying factory letter states the revolver was shipped on March 28, 1883, and delivered to M.W. Robinson Co. of New York City with a 5 inch barrel, fixed sights, blue finish, and checkered black hard rubber grips. This shipment was for 20 guns with both blue and nickel finishes and various barrel lengths. Each revolver was billed at the wholesale price of $12.50. In this shipment several of the guns, including this revolver no. 7169, were marked “Export.”
CONDITION: Excellent as an L.D.
Nimschke masterpiece retaining
97% of the Nimschke shop applied
silver plating with some minor flaking
on the back strap and a very small spot of
old finish corrosion at the muzzle. The trigger
guard, cylinder, and barrel latch retain 95%
plus of the gold plating applied at the time of
the engraving. 90% original case colors remain
on the hammer and trigger. The grips are also excellent
with highly attractive fiery colors. Mechanically excellent. This outstanding L.D. Nimschke masterpiece engraved, silver and gold plated S&W .44 Double Action First Model revolver is
worthy of the finest collection. Estimate: 14,000 - 22,500

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