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 Born in 1912 near Munday, Texas,
E.J. “Jay” Banks began his Texas law enforcement career in 1938 as a highway patrolman, continuing in that roll until 1947. During World War II, he took leave from
112 law enforcement to serve in the U.S. Coast
Guard. In 1947, he enlisted in Company
B of the Texas Rangers, was promoted to sergeant in 1955, and promoted to captain in 1957, before resigning in 1960. In 1950 he, along with other Rangers, are credited with apprehending the notorious Los Angeles-
based gangster Meyer Harris "Mickey" Cohen in the Kemp Hotel in Wichita Falls, Texas, "escorting" him to a plane out of Texas, and "advising" him to never return. Banks was also involved in bringing the notorious killers Gene Paul Norris and Bill

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