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  Captain E.J. Banks
   LOT 130
Documented Presentation Upgraded World War II Inland M1 Semi-Automatic Carbine Owned by Captain E.J. Banks of the Texas Rangers as Used in the Famous Killings of the Notorious Criminals Gene Paul Norris and “Bill” Humphrey - Serial no. 966865, 30 Carbine cal., 18 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. Originally manufactured during World War II, this Inland M1 carbine was already an iconic firearm. This example however, was subsequently upgraded after the war by an unknown craftsman for presentation to the legendary Texas Ranger, captain E.J. “Jay” Banks. In an included copy of
a Texas Department of Public Safety letter signed by Banks,
he lists this rifle by serial number, describing it as well as the presentation plaque affixed to the stock. The plaque is engraved with “CUSTOM MADE/FOR/E.J.BANKS/TEXAS RANGERS” In the
 previously mentioned letter, Banks states that this rifle was
carried by him on many occasions, including when he played a
pivotal roll in the slaying of the notorious criminals Gene Paul
Norris and William “Bill” Carl Humphrey. On 29 April 1957, Norris
and Humphrey were carrying out a dry run of a bank heist they
planned to carry out the following day. The two outlaws noticed
a police car following them at some point and turned around
in an attempt to lose their tail. It is believed that Banks was in
the car initially following the criminals. Two other police cars
joined the fray and the chase was on, at times exceeding 100
mph. Eventually Norris and Humphrey attempted to turn onto a
country road and lost control on the loose gravel, colliding with
a tree. The two attempted to flee the vehicle, firing at Banks and
the other officers the whole way. They were pursued on foot and
eventually caught at a stream where they were both brought
to an end in a hail of gunfire, Norris reportedly shot 28 times,
and Humphrey 23. In the previously mentioned letter, Banks
states that he fired this rifle at the two outlaws 26 times. The
World War II era Inland carbine was reblued in high gloss, with
many of the original government contract markings still visible.
It is fitted with a blade front sight with protective wings and
an elevation and windage adjustable peep rear sight. It has
been mounted in a Mannlicher style stock with floral carved
and gilt filled grip areas, a prominent cheek piece on which the
previously mentioned plaque is mounted, and a
serrated hard rubber buttplate.
CONDITION: Very good as presentation upgraded, retains 95% plus of the period applied blue finish with some scattered light handling marks and a few patches of faint pitting beneath the finish. The wood is fine with a few minor cracks and chips in the upper wrist, some scattered minor dings and scratches, and the carving remaining crisp. Mechanically excellent. A chance to own the gun carried by Texas Ranger Jay Banks when he brought two notorious fugitives to justice!
     114 Estimate: 8,000 - 12,000

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