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 LOT 396
Very Scarce Etched Le Page Moutier Over/Under Single Trigger Superposed Load Four-Shot Percussion Rifle - NSN, 61 cal., 22
1/8 inch octagon bbl., brown/gray finish, walnut stock. Amongst the
many fine firearms created by Le Page Moutier were a select group of superposed load percussion long guns and pistols. A similar carbine
to the present example was made by the firm for the Duc d’Orleans. The Norman R. Blank Collection’s notes for this rifle state that it was obtained from Sotheby’s in 1962 by W. Keith Neal; and a receipt from 1967 from the London arms and armor dealer Peter Dale Ltd. is also included. On this rifle, the two front hammers strike the lower nipples, and the rear hammers strike the upper nipples. The locks are fired via a single trigger configured to drop one hammer at a time. The rifled barrels are finely patterned Damascus
with a nitre blued dovetailed post front sight, finely notched two-leaf rear sight (one standing, one folding), etched panels of relief floral scrollwork at the muzzles and breech ends, and “Le Page Moutier arqer Brevete a Paris” along the top flat of the upper barrel in relief Gothic script. Etched floral scroll patterns also cover the locks and furniture. The right lock includes a
306 figure of a wolf and is signed “Le Page Moutier” in a banner, and the left lock
includes a roe deer and the same
signature banner. A wildcat is on the trigger guard bow, a boar’s head is on the trigger guard tang, and an eagle is on the upper tang and heel plate. The well-figured stock has a checkered wrist and striped figure pattern. An iron ramrod is carried along the left side of the barrels.
CONDITION: Fine with a mix of French gray casehardening and brown patina, light twist patterns visible along the barrels, crisp etching, and age worn overall. The stock is also fine and has crisp checkering, nice figure, and mild scratches. Mechanically fine. Overall, a very attractive and rare example of a Le Page Moutier superposed load four-shot rifle.
Provenance: The W. Keith Neal Collection; Peter Dale Ltd.;
The Norman R. Blank Collection.
Estimate: 8,000 - 12,000

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