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LOT 397
Rare Finely Engraved European Four
Barrel Percussion Shotgun - Serial no. 59792, 16 gauge, 30 7/8 inch solid rib bbl., blue/casehardened finish, deluxe walnut stock. Manufactured around the mid-19th century and featuring four barrels fired using two triggers and locks. The hammers have pivoting strikers to switch between the upper and lower barrels. The barrels are textured Damascus, and a faint Liege proof is visible by the rear ramrod pipe. The locks and furniture have scroll engraving. The stock is nicely figured and has a checkered wrist and large cheek piece. Replacement wooden ramrod. CONDITION: Fine with mostly smooth gray patina, crisp engraving and Damascus patterns, absent middle ramrod pipe, and generally minor mostly from age and storage. The wood is also fine and has distinct checkering, attractive figure, a hole for an absent sling swivel, and a crack on the right side of the wrist. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 3,000 - 5,000
    have a nickel silver bead front sight. The half-length stock has some nice figure and grain and a 14 inch length of pull. CONDITION: Very good with light Damascus patterns on the barrels along with gray and brown patina, bright gold satyr
masks, aged patina on the silver vine work, a few silver leaves absent, dark backgrounds, and mild overall wear. The refinished stock is also very good and has attractive figure and grain, a few minor spots of repairs in the grain
(likely original), and minor overall wear. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 2,000 - 3,500
LOT 398
Elaborate Gold and Silver Satyr Themed French Percussion Double Barrel Shotgun -
Serial no. 5936, 12 gauge, 30 3/8 inch solid rib bbl., brown/silver/gold finish, walnut stock. This is a very attractive gold and silver inlaid French double barrel percussion shotgun. The
breeches, locks, and furniture are decorated with raised relief silver floral vine scrollwork and gold mask designs. The gold masks represent the satyrs of Greco-Roman mythology. They were part human, part animal and living free
in the forests and represent leisure and hedonism, an appropriate design for a fancy French shotgun. The underside of the rib and the face of the standing breech have “5936.” The bottom of the right barrel has “JLR” and an oval “LC” maker’s mark. The left barrel
has a “LE/CLERC” maker’s mark, a partially unclear proof, and “BREVETE.” There are no other visible markings. The Damascus barrels
 LOT 399
Very Scarce Lefaure Four Barrel Percussion Shotgun -
NSN, 20 gauge, 28 1/8 inch solid rib bbl., brown/casehardened finish, carved walnut stock. Manufactured around the mid-19th century by Lefaure of Paris and featuring four barrels and locks, the lower locks fitted further forward, two triggers (they fire the upper barrels first), “LEFAURE/A PARIS” signed on each lock, and a figured walnut stock with “duck bill” carved buttstock and scroll carving behind the cheek piece. CONDITION: Very good with mostly dark brown patina overall, some light oxidation and pitting, and general mild overall wear. The stock is also good and has some hairline cracks at the locks, attractive figure, and general light scratches and dings. Mechanically fine. Estimate: 2,750 - 4,250

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