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 LOT 486
World War II German Mauser MG34 Medium Machine Gun with Tripod and Accessories, Class III/NFA C&R Fully Transferable Machine Gun - Serial no. 4308f, 7.92 mm Mauser cal., 24 inch round bbl., blue finish, Bakelite stock. This is a very fine example of a World War II late production MG34 machine gun manufactured by Mauser- Werke, A.G. Borsigwalde in Berlin. These MG34s are the classic example of the squad and company level light to medium weight machine gun that was used from 1934 throughout World War II, with production and use of the war time expedient MG42 commencing alongside it partway through the war. The MG34 remained as the primary armored vehicle weapon due to its ability to change barrels inside of a limited space. In all of the war movies depicting the blitzkrieg during the early years and the invasion of the low lands, this was the main weapon
in use. This series of machine gun uses all steel machined and hand fitted parts, which later proved to be too costly and time consuming to produce during wartime. They were made with a quick change barrel assembly firing from an open bolt to help stay cool during firing, with these features later adopted into the U.S. M60 machine gun. These machine guns were issued with a large amount of accessories for actual field use, and this example is no different, and also has additional accessories, parts and loading equipment. The top of the barrel jacket is marked “ar 42”, the wartime code for the Mauser factory and the year of manufacture, over the serial number. The receiver is marked only with the serial number and several Waffenamts in various places. Matching visible serial numbers on the barrel jacket, feed cover, receiver, trigger housing and buttstock assembly. Non-matching numbered
barrel, bipod and bolt assembly. Includes a Lafette anti-aircraft
tripod mount, an Optical sight (optics slightly hazy but clear)
marked “Busch/Rathenow” that fits on the Lafette mount,
three 75-round saddle double drum magazines with a
magazine carrier, two 50-round trommel magazines
with carrier, an extra feed tray for use with
magazines, and five metal ammunition boxes
with one containing surplus Egyptian
7.92mm Mauser ammunition.

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