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 LOT 565
Exceptional Masterfully Factory Engraved Boss & Co. 20 Gauge Best Quality Self-Opening Sidelock Over/Under Shotgun - Serial no. 7553, 20 gauge, 28 1/8 inch round bbl., blue/ casehardened finish, walnut stock. Boss & Co. is a name synonymous with quality, and as such they are among the most highly regarded names in the English arms trade. Every gun that they build
is of the finest quality, making the title of author Donald Dallas’ book ring true, “Boss & Co.: Best Gunmakers”. A Boss & Co. brochure from the period this gun was built sums up their philosophy best: “We would say from the outset that we make only one grade of gun and have never placed
a second quality make upon the market. This policy has enabled us to retain the services of the finest workmen in London, and to give them continuous employment. The advantages attending the production of best work only are manifold. There is no opportunity for the work of inferior men to be utilised in the economy of the workshop, which is frequently the case when more than one class of weapon is produced. The owner of a Boss & Co gun has the satisfaction of knowing that
he has the best gun that money can buy, and that no one has a better gun. The Boss & Co gun
has, therefore, always a standard value whether new or second hand. Our output is strictly limited according to the amount of first-class labour available.”

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