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LOT 564
Factory Engraved Holland & Holland 10 Bore Sidelock Ejector Double Barrel “Paradox” Shot & Ball Gun Built for British Sportsman and Explorer Hugh Lowther, 5th Earl of Lonsdale - Serial no. 15544, 10 gauge,
27 inch solid rib bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. This gun was built in 1902 by Holland & Holland for famous eccentric English sportsman and explorer
Hugh Lowther, 5th Earl of Lonsdale. Lowther was the second born son and assumed the title after the death of his brother. Lonsdale had a reputation for eccentricity and was known as
the “Yellow Earl” for having all of his modes of transportation painted yellow as well as the clothing of his house staff. He also always traveled with an entire orchestra at quite a cost to the point that he was forced to sell much of his estate. After his affair with married actress Violet Cameron, he was “exiled” by Queen Victoria, and during this time he led an expedition through the Canadian artic and accrued a massive collection of Inuit artifacts. He was a great hunter and sportsman and was an advocate of the Paradox gun appreciating its versatility, ordering eight from H&H along with another 24 guns and rifles over the course of his life. This particular gun was built to match serial number 15500, which was built for him and displayed at the 1900 Paris Exhibition, and explains the three gold inlaid “2”s on the gun. The lot includes biographical information on the Earl as well as copies of the Holland & Holland ledgers for this and other guns. Blued steel barrels with a blade rifle front sight and flip-up moon bead sight, fixed notch rear sight on the raised matted quarter rib which is marked with a gold “2” at the base, “HOLLAND & HOLLAND 98 NEW BOND STREET, LONDON” and “’PARADOX’ FOSBERY PATENT” marked on the right and left barrels respectively, front sling swivel, single bands of engraving at either breech, chambers with
a single extractor, and London black powder proofs on the flats. The casehardened action and backaction sidelocks display extensive near full coverage scroll engraving over a matted background, signed “HOLLAND & HOLLAND” signed on either lockplate which also feature gold-lined cocking indicators and engraved “CHARGE 8 DRAMS, CASE 2 7/8 INCHES.” on the left side of the action. The scrollwork continues onto both tangs, the triggerguard, and the toplever which is marked with a gold inlaid “2”. The gun features bushed firing pins, double triggers, and a tang mounted automatic safety with gold inlaid “SAFE”. Beautifully figured, multi-point checkered forend with engraved fittings, including the rotary underlever latch which is marked with another gold inlaid “2” and pistol grip stock with casehardened engraved trapdoor grip cap, shadowline cheekpiece, inscription oval engraved with the initial “L” under an Earl’s coronet, rear sling swivel, and replacement orange rubber recoil pad. Length of pull 14 13/16 inches. Cast-off. Weight 13 lbs. 6 oz.

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