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   inch fluted round bbl., blue/French grey finish, walnut stock. Manufactured in
1998. The Blaser series of rifles are known for their extreme modularity. The
design allows the user to change the barrel assembly with just two screws. Their
other claim to fame is that they retain zero after doing so by having the scope
mounted to the barrel rather than the receiver. This makes swaps quick and easy
in the field. The fluted barrel features a Patridge style ramped blade front and
island mounted standing leaf rear sight with standard markings on the chamber
as well as “CTISS, DULLES, VA.” on top of the chamber. A Swarovski PVI-2 2.5-10x56 scope rests atop the barrel.
The action has been transformed with a relief engraved game scene on either side with the left side depicting three
hunters spearing a bear in the woods and the right showing a hunting party of five men with one of them dispatching
a red stag with his finishing dagger in a wooded scene. The left scene has the initials “BR” on a rock for an unknown
engraver. The scenes are surrounded by a gold inlaid rope border and floral scroll with three scrolls inlaid in gold on
either side. The underside of the action features more floral scroll with gold inlaid accents, a hunter blowing a horn
flanking the triggerguard on both sides, and a hunting falcon ahead of it. The triggerguard bow is adorned to match the
rest of the gun with a hunter and his dog surrounded by floral scroll and gold. Mounted in a exhibition grade highly figured and contrasted
walnut Schnabel tip forend and pistol grip buttstock with fish scale checkering surrounded by floral carved borders, an ebony grip cap with gold and silver initial escutcheon, Bavarian cheekpiece, and black rubber recoil pad. Includes a Blaser takedown case.
CONDITION: Excellent overall, retaining 99% plus original blue and French grey finishes with minimal handling marks, crisp engraving, and sharp stock carving. Scope is excellent with clear optics and a crisp reticle. Mechanically excellent. One will look a long time to find another Blaser on the same level as this example! Estimate: 15,000 - 25,000
LOT 574
Exceptional “BR” Signed Factory Relief Engraved and Gold Inlaid Blaser R93 Straight
Pull Bolt Action Rifle with Swarovski
Scope and Case - Serial no. 9/42656, 300 Win magnum cal., 24 3/4

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