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 LOT 569
Large Grouping of Desirable Kynoch .500 Nitro Express Cartridges - Originally designed in Britain in the 1860s, the venerable .500 Nitro Express cartridge was primarily intended for use in double rifles for large and dangerous game hunting both in India and Africa. This grouping includes four 50 round cardboard cartons that each contain 10 individual five-round paper packages. In addition are four additional five-round paper packages containing all cartridges, as well as a partial package containing two cartridges. Almost all over the packaging remains factory sealed. There are a total of 222 cartridges. CONDITION: Excellent, almost all of the packaging shows very minimal wear and fading and the cartridges in open packaging appear excellent with minimal wear or oxidation. The partial package containing two cartridges shows some moderate tearing. An incredible opportunity to stock up on the rare and desirable .500 Nitro Express cartridge! Estimate: 1,500 - 2,250

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