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 As pictured and described in The Colt Engraving Book, Vol. I by Wilson
     LOT 1119
Outstanding and Virtually Mint Presentation Cased Exhibition Factory Engraved Colt New Line .32 Spur Trigger Revolver Inscribed to F.W. Jacobs as Pictured in “The Colt Engraving Book Vol. I” by Wilson - Serial no. 13906, 32 CF cal., 2 1/4 inch round bbl., nickel/gold finish, pearl grips. Colt’s “New Line” revolvers were introduced in 1873 alongside their legendary Single Action Army revolver. These smaller pocket revolvers were intended both as a companion piece or backup to the Single Action Army, but also to appeal to a more urban oriented clientele that had little interest in carrying a full-size holstered revolver regularly. While the New Line of revolvers saw initial success, by the late 1870s production of most of the variations had ended, due in part to a plethora of very similar, often cheaper, pocket revolvers on the market. One of the most famous Colt advertisements of this range of revolvers was their “wheel display”
at the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, where they displayed
a broad range of their offerings, particularly the New Line, most of which were highly embellished with deluxe finishes. Manufactured in 1877, the year after the exposition, this revolver didn’t make it on to the famous Colt wheel, however it displays very similar embellishment as many that were included. The back strap on this example is inscribed “F.W. Jacobs”, with included information by the consignor attributing the inscription to Frances Wisebart Jacobs. Born Frances Wisebart, she married Abraham Jacobs in 1863 in Ohio, shortly afterward moving to Colorado by wagon train along with her brother, where they established stores in Denver and Central City. They met initial setbacks with two major fires at their businesses and the death of one of their sons.

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