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  The letter also notes that the buttstock had to be fitted with an extra length of pull for Tom Selleck, and that all three of the rifles were shipped to MGM Grand of Hollywood, California, in 1989. An included article copy of “The Quigley Rifle: Now, For The Rest Of The Story” by Mike Venturino further highlights some interesting aspects of the rifles made for the film, including the use of a 15 1/4 inch length of pull to fit Selleck, Shiloh’s custom gunsmith “antiqued” the rifles to make them look used, one rifle was fitted with an aluminum barrel for better looking hand-to-hand fighting scenes, and that the author demonstrated the use of a boot to ground the butt of the rifles to Selleck, who used the same method in the film. Quigley’s Sharps Rifle takes center stage throughout the film, including when he discusses its particular traits and demonstrates his accuracy with it in front of antagonist Elliott Marston (played by Alan Rickman) and posse by making repeated hits on a bucket over several hundred yards away. After filming was concluded, Selleck took possession of all three rifles and subsequently donated this specific
rifle to the National Rifle Association in 2006 for a fund raising raffle, which was won by Stephanie Leslie of Cedar City, Utah. Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Company also added a “Quigley Model” to its catalog after the film released in 1990. The barrel is fitted with a hooded post and ball front and semi-buckhorn folding ladder rear sight, with “Shiloh-Sharps Model” marked ahead of the
rear sight with floral scroll ends, and “CALIBRE
45/2 7/8” behind it. The casehardened receiver bears the
Shiloh address on the left side, with double set triggers, and fitted
with an adjustable vernier tang-mounted peep sight made for Shiloh by
The Riflesmith of Sheridan, Montana. Fitted in a well-figured smooth walnut forend with pewter tip and straight grip stock with smooth military style buttplate. Included with the lot are a black soft case, a DVD copy of “Quigley Down Under,” and a framed photo of Tom Selleck in costume as Matthew Quigley holding one of the rifles, signed “For Jim/Hope you enjoy the/rifle. Much Obliged/Tom Selleck/”M.Q.”.”
CONDITION: Exceptionally fine as set up by Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Company’s custom gunsmith and used by Tom Selleck in “Quigley Down Under,” retaining 90% blue finish and 75% plus case colors, with scattered light handling marks, thinned areas, and light pitting on the buttplate. The stock is very fine with a few minor handling marks, a scratch on the forearm, and attractive grain. Mechanically excellent. A unique opportunity to own one of the three rifles built to Tom Selleck’s specifications and used by him in the motion picture “Quigley Down Under.”
Provenance: The Tom Selleck Collection; Property of a Gentleman Estimate: 85,000 - 130,000

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