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 LOT 3569
Early Production Three Digit Serial Number DWM Model 1900 Swiss Contract Luger
Semi-Automatic Pistol with Rare Unrelieved Frame and Holster - Serial no. 366, 7.65 mm Luger Auto cal., 4 3/4 inch round
bbl., blue finish, checkered walnut grips. This pistol is one of only 2,000 Model 1900 Swiss commercial Lugers manufactured with this specific pistol being
a very early production example with the very first “unrelieved type” frame which is accompanied by an equally rare “flat button” magazine loading button and early wide checkered safety lever. These Lugers represent the very first commercial contract pistol sold by
DWM and purchased by Switzerland. This Model 1900 Luger has the early dished toggles with toggle lock, a flat/recessed breech bolt, no stock lug, grip safety, early style, larger flat safety lever with coarse
checkering, early narrow trigger, flat main spring and fast taper 4 3/4 inch barrel. These pistols also have the “Swiss Cross” in a sunburst on top of the chamber area with toggle marked “DWM”. The barrel extension has
the “Swiss Cross/V” acceptance proof of “Herr Vogelsang” the Swiss inspector who was assigned to the DWM factory. The top and back side of the rear toggle, and left side of the barrel all have the small Swiss Cross firing
proof. This example still retains the original early “V” notch rear sight. The front of the frame and underside of the barrel have the full serial number and the various small parts all are correctly numbered with the last two digits of the serial number, to include the back sides of each grip panel. Nickel plated magazine with unmarked wooden base
and the small circular discs inset into each side of the base. Includes a Swiss military pattern brown leather holster and strap. The holster is marked “MKAISER/ZURICH”.
CONDITION: Excellent. The pistol retains 90% plus of the original blue finish overall with minor edge and high spot wear. The various small parts retain 85% of the bright original straw colors overall. The grips are also excellent with a few minor bruises in the otherwise crisp checkering. Matching numbers. Mechanically the pistol hand cycles correctly; however, the safety will not engage. The holster
is very fine with minor surface scuffs and light stitching. This is a really nice high end condition early and very rare DWM Model 1900 Swiss contract Luger with the equally rare “unrelieved frame” and flat button magazine.
Estimate: 7,500 - 11,000
LOT 3570
Exceptional 1942 Dated German
Police Mauser Banner P.08 Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol Rig with Two Matching Magazines and
Serial-Numbered Holster - Serial no. 2932y, 9 mm cal., 4 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut
checkered grips. Manufactured in 1942. The pistol has the late salt-blue finish on the barrel and frame,
blued small parts and two-piece, checkered walnut stocks. Like most 1942 dated police banner P.08s, the pistol
does not have a rear safety. The upper, safe, safety lever position is marked: “GESICHERT”, and the left side of the ejector is marked: “GELADEN”. The right
side of the pistol frame is marked with the “eagle/swastika/L” police acceptance stamp. The pistol chamber is dated “1942”, and the upper toggle link is stamped
with the Mauser “Banner” trademark. “Eagle/N” proof marks are stamped on the left side of the frame and breech block. The full serial number is stamped
on the front of the frame, and “2932” is stamped on the left side of the receiver ahead of the side-plate. The sear bar, locking bolt, trigger, side-
plate, safety lever, extractor, front and rear toggle links, rear connecting pin and the inside of both grips are marked with the partial serial number
“32”. All of the visible serial numbers match. The pistol has two blue magazines
with pinned aluminum bottoms. The magazines have no case markings. The bottoms of the
magazines are marked: “1/2932/y” and “2/2932/y”. The pistol is complete with a black cowhide
P.08 police holster. The holster has the distinctive police vertical closure strap with aluminum
finial, spare magazine pouch on the side of the holster and two belt loops. The back of the holster
that is stamped with the pistol serial number “2932”, the police “eagle/swastika/B” acceptance stamp, the manufacturer’s name and city
(“SCHAMBACH & CO/BERLIN”) and “1942”. The pouch in the top of the holster flap contains a loading tool stamped with the “eagle/L” polic
acceptance stamp. Mauser manufactured an estimated total of 300 1942 dated German police P.08 pistols. Most of these pistols were subsequently
issued to SS Police battalions for anti-partisan operations on the Eastern Front.
CONDITION: Excellent. The pistol retains 98% plus of the original blue finish, the receiver has an attractive correct slightly purple tint, and the barrel, frame and small
parts have a conventional blue finish. All of the markings are clear. The grips are also excellent with only very minor handling wear. Mechanically excellent. Both magazine cases have nearly all of the blue
finish, and the aluminum bases are excellent. The holster is excellent with extremely sharp markings. This is an outstanding, fully matching, police banner 1942 rig that is rarely encountered in complete, high condition. Estimate: 5,500 - 8,500

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