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LOT 3566
Rare Royal Portuguese Navy Contract DWM Model 1906 Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol - Serial no. 220, 9 mm cal., 4 inch
round bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. Ordered shortly before the collapse of the Portuguese monarchy, this is one
of only 350 Royal Portuguese Navy Luger pistols ordered. Per Aarron Davis in the “Standard Catalog of Luger,” only six
of these Lugers are known to collectors (page 70). Cutting edge firepower of the day, this Luger bears the traditional “DWM” monogram on the toggle assembly, with the “crown/fouled anchor” Portuguese Navy logo on the chamber, conjoined “MP”
on the left side of the extension, “CARREGADA” on the extractor and a polished lower safety position. Numbering is in the correct “commercial” pattern, all numbers matching, with “Cal. 9m/m.” on the unnumbered wood magazine base. Fitted with a
pair of unnumbered checkered grips.
CONDITION: Very fine, with 80% of the original blue finish, with scattered light spotting, bright
edge wear and mild handling marks. 60% plus original straw color is present on the trigger, takedown latch and the ejector, with a mixed patina and mild pitting on the other parts. The grips are fine, with the left panel slightly undersized and some minor dings and edge chips. Mechanically
excellent. This is one of the finest examples of this rare contract Luger that one will find! Estimate: 4,500 - 6,500
LOT 3567
Early Production Thee Digit Serial Number Swiss Contract DWM Model 1900 Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol - Serial no. 665, 7.65 mm Luger Auto cal., 4 3/4 inch round bbl., blue/straw finish, walnut grips. Features
fixed blade front and notch rear sights, Swiss cross in sunburst crest over the chamber, and “DWM” monogram on the front toggle. These Swiss contract DWM Model 1900 Lugers have early dished toggles with toggle lock, a flat breech bolt, grip safety, no stock lug, flat mainspring, and 4 3/4 inch fast taper barrel. The left of the barrel, left of the barrel extension, and rear toggle are marked with Swiss cross proofs. With matching serial numbers on the barrel and frame, along with
matching “65” partials on small parts including the extension. Fitted with matching number checkered walnut grips. Includes correct nickel plated magazine with unmarked walnut bottom with metal discs.
CONDITION: Excellent, retaining 90% original blue finish and 70% original straw finish on the small parts. The grips are also excellent. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 3,500 - 5,500
LOT 3568
Desirable U.S. Test Trials DWM Model 1900 American Eagle Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol - Serial no. 6708, 7.65 mm Luger Auto cal., 4 3/4 inch round bbl., blue/straw finish, walnut grips. A representative
example of a Model 1900 DWM “American Eagle” Luger
developed and sold to the U.S. Government after the
turn of the 20th century
for test trials. In April 1900, the U.S. Ordnance Board authorized an order for 1,000 DWM Model 1900 Luger
pistols. They were delivered in two separate lots, with approximately 800 on shipped October 26, 1901, and the remaining 200 on October 29, 1901. A list of recorded serial numbers can be seen on page 387 of “U.S. Military Automatic Pistols 1894-1920” by Meadows, with this example just three digits off from being included on that list. These early American
Eagle Test Lugers were made expressly for the U.S. Military when they were interested in the Luger as a replacement for the
.38 caliber revolvers issued during the late 1890s and early 1900s. The three most distinguishing features noted on all these Lugers
were the lack of German acceptance proofs, the lack of “GERMANY” export markings usually found on the front of the frame or under the barrel, and the last two digits of the serial number were stamped on the rounded portion of the opposite side of the takedown lever. The only other feature found on some U.S. Test
Trial Lugers was a small German ordnance proof that resembled the U.S. Ordnance bomb proofs. While the Lugers had a number of virtues, they were overlooked by U.S. Ordnance in favor of domestically produced designs. The survivors of the testing were surplus and released for public sale through Bannerman’s. Features
fixed blade front and notch rear sights, with an “American eagle” crest on top of the chamber, and no visible German markings. Matching visible serial numbers on the barrel and frame, with “08” partials on the takedown lever, renumbered to match side plate, toggle links,
breech block, and trigger. Fitted with niter blue and straw colored small parts, along with checkered walnut grips numbered “08” on the interior and a nickel finished magazine with small German ordnance
proof marked hardwood base.
CONDITION: Fine as assembled (see above), retaining 60% plus original blue finish and straw colors with moderate edge wear and spotting on the grip frame. The grips are fine with bruising on the left panel and crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 3,000 - 4,500

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