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Documented Volcanic Repeating Arms Co. Lever Action Navy Pistol - Serial no. 1796, 41 Volcanic cal., 8 inch bbl., blue finish, varnished walnut grips. This lever action Navy Pistol was manufactured by the Volcanic Repeating Arms Co. c. 1856 and is pictured cased with sn. 7065 on page 92 of “Volcanic Firearms: Predecessor to the Winchester Rifle” by Lewis and Rutter. The pistol has the distinctive octagon barrel with integral 10-shot magazine, brass receiver and loading lever with finger hole. The eight-inch, Type I barrel has a full rib, crowned muzzle, rounded T-bar spring, clam-shell shaped brass follower and cone front sight. The top barrel flat is roll-stamped with the legend: “THE VOLCANIC/REPEATING ARMS CO./PATENT NEW HAVEN CONN. FEB. 14. 1854.” in three lines. The brass receiver lacks the factory engraving found on most Volcanic Repeating Arms pistols. The receiver has semi-circular cut-outs on either end of the ejection port and a dovetail for a rear sight. The bolt has a single hook extractor, and the hammer has hand-cut knurling on the spur. A “Y” inspection mark is stamped on the left side of the loading lever. The serial number is stamped on the right side of the loading lever, right side of the receiver butt beneath the grip and on the inside of both grips. All of the visible serial numbers match. The barrel has a blue finish, the bolt, cartridge elevator and loading lever are niter blue, and the hammer and trigger are color casehardened. The walnut grips have a high polish piano finish.
    CONDITION: Fine. The barrel has 70% of the original blue finish with some scattered age spotting
on the sides. The Volcanic Repeating Arms Co. legend on the top flat is extremely sharp. The brass receiver is in excellent overall condition with a handsome, untouched, patina and perfect sideplate joints. The cartridge elevator, bolt and loading lever retain significant amounts of fire blue finish in protected areas. The trigger and hammer have 50% of the mottled case colors. The grips are in fine overall condition with much of the piano finish remaining and a few scattered, insignificant, handling marks. The rear sight is absent. This is a fine example of a scarce Volcanic Repeating Arms Co. Lever Action Navy Pistol.
Provenance: The Dr. Gerald Klaz Collection.
Estimate: 13,000 - 19,000

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