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  LOT 1143
Outstanding Civil War U.S. Gwyn & Campbell Type II Breech Loading Percussion Saddle Ring Carbine/ Union Rifle
Also widening the appeal of fine arms collecting is a relatively low point of entry. While top oil paintings can reach nine figure price tags, and the most desirable collector cars nearly $50 million, the very pinnacle of fine arms can be attained today for seven figures. As these desirable firearms continue to rise in value and as new audiences come to appreciate their multiple avenues of appeal, the market for these items is thriving and represents countless opportunities for savvy collectors.
Today, leading this burgeoning marketplace is Rock Island Auction Company. Comfortably atop the industry since 2003, the auction house by the Mississippi continues to grow by leaps, and shows no signs of slowing. From five annual auctions, they now host more than 18. Growth has seen them spread from one building to two, and even the upcoming expansion of a second facility in Bedford, TX.
In the midst of such growth, never has the mission been clearer: preserve history, pass on legacies, revere refinement, uphold tradition, and honor those who came before us. It is a vocation more important today than ever before, and no one is in a better position to continue this work than Rock Island Auction Company.
Whether you’re seeking to preserve a legacy of your
own, or to begin one anew, the people at Rock Island Auction Company have the experience and proven track record of success to assist in either endeavor. To put their diligence and excellence to work for you, please visit
LOT 1100
Incredibly Historic, Well-Documented and Published Cased Deluxe Presentation Factory Engraved Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver with Samuel Colt Letter Presenting this Revolver to James E. Dodd
     History Lives Here

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