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  LOT 242
Fine Engraved W. Freund, Heidelberg Heavy Barrel Percussion Target Rifle with
Elaborate Relief Carved Stock - NSN, 22 bore cal., 37 inch octagon bbl., brown/casehardened
finish, relief carved walnut stock. It is highly probable that this substantial rifle was made by a close relative
of Frank William Freund and George Freund who are recorded as working in Heidelberg prior to emigrating to the United
States and establishing the famous western chain of gun shops under the “Freund & Bro.” banner. With swamped Damascus barrel cut
  LOT 243
Desirable Engraved and Silver Mounted E. Wesson Percussion Target Rifle - NSN, 44 cal., 31 3/8 inch octagon bbl., brown/
casehardened/silver finish, walnut stock. In the 1840s, some of the world’s best target rifles and pistols were manufactured in the New England shop of Edwin Wesson (1811-1849), older brother of fellow gunmakers Daniel Baird Wesson (1825-1906) of Smith & Wesson fame and Franklin
Wesson (1828-1899). It is possible that Daniel or Franklin had a hand in making this rifle since they were both trained by
      with seven groove rifling and signed “W. FREUND IN HEIDELBERG” and “CANON DAMASSÉ” in gold on the top flat, with blued windage adjustable bead front sight and casehardened tangent sight. Border engraved patent breech with fence around the percussion nipple finely chiseled in low relief with a monster-head. Engraved standing breech and back action lock, the latter with pierced and engraved cock, the head of which is chiseled with a further monster’s head. The wrist of the stock is mounted with a blued and casehardened adjustable aperture rear sight and the trigger plate
fitted with a set trigger and hair trigger. The rifle has a finely figured walnut full length stock which has a carved raised cheekpiece and basket-weave checkered panels to the wrist and forearm. German silver ramrod pipes and barrel key escutcheons to the forearm. The forearm tip and ramrod head are of dark horn. Furniture of
black horn finely carved in relief with foliage, a dog’s head on the trigger guard, and a small game scene involving a deer on the side plate.
CONDITION: Very good. The barrel has a dark grey patina with a very attractive and bold Damascus pattern. The standing breech and lock are each a lighter grey patina, and the engraving is clear on both. The stock has a highly figured butt, numerous age related storage and handling marks and bruises, and a
small old insert repair in front of the lock. The carved furniture is also very good. The trigger guard has a glued repair on the finger rest. The sights
have traces of original finish. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 5,000 - 8,500
their older brother. Daniel also briefly produced these rifles after Edwin’s untimely
demise from a heart attack in 1849. This rifle has extensive scroll and punch-dot engraving patterns on the action, German silver trigger guard, patch box, left
stock inlay, top of the buttplate and toe plate. The barrel and back of the buttplate are the only plain areas. “E. WESSON/GRAFTON/MASS/CAST-STEEL” marked on the left quarter of the barrel at the breech. The barrel is turned for a false muzzle (not included) and is fitted with a globe and blade front sight, elevator rear sight, with a tang mounted folding ladder peep sight.
CONDITION: Very good, retains strong traces of original brown finish on the barrel with smooth brown patina on the iron surfaces, some patches of light pitting, sharp markings at the breech, and crisp engraving with defined edges in the metal overall. The German silver fittings exhibit an attractive bright patina. Stock is also very good with scattered dents and scratches, a cracked/repaired section on the left below
the breech, a minor crack on the underside of the buttstock ahead of the toe plate, and defined edges. Replacement wooden ramrod. The adjustable set trigger must be manually reset, mechanically functions fine.
Estimate: 2,250 - 3,500

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