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  LOT 504
Factory Cecile Doms Engraved Belgian Browning Continental Superposed Shotgun/Rifle
Two Barrel Set with Box and Case - Serial no. 177PM01119, 20 gauge,
26 1/2 inch vent rib bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. Blued Special Steel barrels with a single steel bead sight on the matted vent rib, 3 inch chambers with automatic
ejectors, and chokes marked “**-”/”**” (improved cylinder/modified). The blued actions displays attractive floral scroll engraving on all sides and is signed “C.DOMS” on the left at the low
rear for Cecile Doms. Cecile Doms was an instructor at the Leon Mignon engraving school in Liege, Belgium. The gun features a single trigger and a tang mounted safety/ selector. Nicely figured, multi-point checkered Schnabel tip forend and straight grip stock with Browning buttplate. Includes a second matching numbered set of over/ under rifle barrels measuring 24 inches and chambered in 30-06 Springfield. Also included is the original box and a Browning Naugahyde case that houses the entire set. Barrel and stock measurements for the shotgun set (U/O): bore diameter nine inches from the breech .621/.620 inches; choke constriction .007/.018 inches; minimum wall thickness .038/.036 inches; 1 3/8 inch drop at comb; 2 1/4 inch drop at heel; 14 5/16 inch length of pull; weight 5 lbs 13 oz. CONDITION: Excellent overall, retaining 99% original blue finish with limited handling evidence and sharp checkering on the stock and forend. The box is fine and the case and rifle barrel set are excellent. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 4,500 - 7,000
LOT 505
Angelo Bee Double Signed Factory Master Engraved Belgian Browning Superposed Diana Grade Broadway Trap Shotgun - Serial no. 56568S7, 12 gauge, 30 inch vent rib bbl., blue/coin finish, walnut stock. Manufactured in 1967. Dual white bead sights on the matted Broadway Trap vent rib, standard markings on the barrels, 2 3/4 inch chambers with automatic ejectors, standard Browning markings, and chokes marked “**”/”*” (modified/full). The coin grey receiver is engraved in the Diana Grade pattern with flowing scroll designs surrounding mallards in a marsh on the right, a covey of pheasant in a wooded scene on the left, a pair of quail on the underside, and a pair of rabbits on the trigger guard. The receiver is signed “A.BEE” on both sides beneath the game scenes for Master Engraver Angelo Bee. Single gold washed trigger and tang mounted safety/selector switch. Beautifully figured, fancy multi-point checkered trap style forend with engraved fittings and pistol grip stock with the “GCF” on the initial escutcheon and ventilated Browning recoil
pad. Barrel and stock measurements (U/O): bores nine inches from the breech measured at .724/.725 inches; choke constriction .022/.040 inches; minimum wall thickness .037/.037 inches; 1 5/8 inch drop at comb; 1 7/16 inch drop at heel; 14 9/16 inch length of pull; weight 8 lbs. CONDITION: Excellent, retaining 99% plus original blue and coin finishes with limited handling marks, some spots of staining on the action, and crisp
engraving. Stock is also excellent with limited minor handling marks, and overall crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 3,500 - 5,500
 LOT 506
Rare Belgian Browning Master Engraver Funken Signed Grade III Superposed Shotgun - Serial no. 39586, 12 gauge, 30 inch vent rib bbl., blue/satin coin finish, walnut stock. Manufactured in Belgium in 1954, this Grade III shotgun features blue barrels and a satin coin finish on the remaining metal. Dual bead sights on the matte vent rib, 2 3/4 inch chambers, choked full/improved modified with ejectors. The action is engraved with an intricate scroll design, with two capercaillie fighting and five hens in the background on the left side, eight pheasants on the right side in a field scene and a hunting
 dog with a game bird in its mouth on the bottom. The break lever, trigger guard and forearm hardware also have a fine scroll pattern. Each side of the receiver is signed by Master Engraver Felix Funken. These
Funken engraved Brownings are some of the rarest and most desirable to collectors. Funken retired in 1960 and passed away in 1966. Gold washed single trigger, tang mounted safety/selector and mounted with fancy, high gloss checkered walnut forearm and round knob pistol grip stock long tang with a vent Browning recoil pad. Length of pull is 14 inches.
CONDITION: Excellent with 98% original blue on the barrels original coin finish on the action with some slight staining, with only minimal handling marks. Stock is very good as refurbished, with a contrasting high-grade walnut insert in the buttstock and minor handling marks. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 3,000 - 5,000

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