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   LOT 568
Outstanding Factory Engraved and Gold Inlaid Holland &
Holland Hand Detachable “The
Royal Model “ Pinless Sidelock Ejector Dangerous Game Double Rifle with Ammunition - Serial no. 35779, 500 Nitro Ex cal., 24 inch solid rib bbl., blue/casehardened/ gold finish, walnut stock. The name Holland & Holland exudes excellence and is the very essence of quality. They have been one of the world’s premier gunmakers for over 150 years and have always maintained their reputation as the creme de la creme of fine arms. Rifles such as this are something special, they blend the beauty and elegance of the finest rifles extant with the deadly power to lay low any quarry on the planet, from a Kodiak brown bear in coastal Alaska, to a massive bull elephant in the bush of Zimbabwe. This absolute stunner of a rifle is constructed with blued steel chopperlump barrels featuring a ramped beaded blade front sight with a flip up white moon bead, matted rear quarter rib which hosts a two leaf (one standing, one folding) rear sight with gold inlaid center triangles and marked for 50 and 100 yards along with a gold “2” at the base, and the swamped portion of the rib is smooth and is marked “.500 NITRO EXPRESS -3’” in fine gold inlaid lettering. The barrels are marked “HOLLAND & HOLLAND” on the right and “BRUTON STREET, LONDON” on the left along with bands of engraving at either breech and flats marked with an import mark and 2012 dated London nitro proof marks. The rifle displays vibrant case colors and beautifully cut engraving on the bolstered pinless hand detachable sidelock action. The engraving is a clinic on fine scrollwork, showing near full coverage with exception of where it breaks on either lockplate for an oval around gold inlaid “HOLLAND/&/HOLLAND” as well as “THE/ROYAL/MODEL” cut on the underside of the receiver. The scrollwork continues onto the toplever which is marked with another gold “2”, the right hand rolled triggerguard, and both tangs, the bottom of which shows the serial number inlaid in gold. The rifle is fitted with bushed firing pins, cocking indicators on either lockplate with gold inlaid centerlines, double triggers with the front being articulated, gold washed cocking arms and ejector hammers, and a tang mounted manual safety switch with “CHECK” inlaid in gold. The wood is exceptional, showing incredible figure on both the forend and pistol grip stock which double line bordered multi-point checkering. The forend has engraved blue fittings with a Anson button release marked with a gold “2” and the stock has a casehardened and engraved trapdoor gripcap, a shadowline cheekpiece, gold inscription oval marked with Gothic “MB”, and casehardened and engraved skeleton buttplate around the checkered butt. While chambered for the powerful .500 N.E. cartridge, the rifle’s weight is not overbearing and is perfectly balanced for ease of handling and quick shots in the field. Includes 100 cartridges of Superior Ammunition Inc. brand .500 Nitro Express 570 grain ammunition. Length of pull 15 1/16 inches. Weight 10 lbs. 14 oz. CONDITION: Excellent overall, retaining 99% original blue, casehardened, and gold finishes with a small scratch just ahead of the left breech but otherwise minimal handling evidence, crisp engraving, and sharp checkering on the stock and forend. Mechanically excellent. This is a chance to buy a best quality double rifle from one of the world’s most prestigious gunmakers without a wait of 3 or more years, do not let this chance pass you by! Estimate: 85,000 - 140,000

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