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 LOT 581
Exceptional Factory Master Angelo Galeazzi Signed and Game Scene Engraved Ivo Fabbri Sidelock Double Barrel Shotgun - Serial no. 3260, 12 gauge, 27 9/16 inch solid rib bbl., blue/coin finish, walnut stock. Ivo Fabbri got his start in firearms along side one of the most well-known names in the business Daniele Perazzi. After they split, Perazzi went on to create arguably the world’s finest sporting guns, and Fabbri perused his dream to built the finest guns in the world, with this gun being true to that end. Fabbri only builds some 30 guns a year, each is hand crafted from the ground up by some of Italy’s finest craftsmen, making guns such as this not all that commonly offered for public sale. This gun is built with blued chopperlump barrels featuring a single nickel bead sight on the matted flat solid rib, light engraving bands at the breech, “IVO FABBRI BRESCIA ITALY” marked on the left and “BOHLER SUPER BLITZ STEEL” on the right, import mark on under rib below the forend, 1976 dated Italian proof mark on either flat, and 2 3/4 inch chambers with automatic ejectors. The brush bright finished sidelock action displays absolutely fantastic, highly detailed and realistic game scene engraving surrounded by highly intricate floral scroll designs flowing onto the triggerguard, toplever, and both tangs all carried out by the late Master of Italian engravers and innovator of the bulino style of engraving, Angelo Galeazzi. The game scenes consist of a pair of pointers springing from the high grass in pursuit of a fleeing hare, the underside of the action shows four snipe in flight with a hunter in the background, near a farmstead, gun raised, with one of the snipe surrounded by a plume of feathers as it descends from the hunter’s shot, and the right lockplate displays a pair of pointers, steady as a snipe flushes from the tall grass. The work is signed “Galeazzi” at the bottom of the scenes
on the lockplates and a compact “Gal” below the snipe scene on the underside.

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