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 LOT 1517
Scarce Documented Early Production “A” Series Swiss Military Contract DWM Model 1900 Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol with Holster Rig - Serial no. 5043A, 7.65 mm Luger Auto cal.,
4 3/4 inch round bbl., blue/straw
finish, walnut grips. A standout
example of an early DWM Model
1900 Swiss military contract Luger
that was re-numbered in Switzerland. Discussed on page 27 of “The Swiss
Variations” by Fred Datig, 100 of the
“E” prefix serial numbered Swiss military contract Model 1900 Lugers were re-numbered to an “A” suffix series that ran from “5001A”
to “5100A.” This specific pistol is
listed by serial number on page 30
as having an original serial number
of “E643.” Features fixed blade
front and notch rear sights, Swiss “cross in
sunburst” crest over the chamber, and “DWM”
monogram on the front toggle. These Swiss contract DWM Model 1900 Lugers have early
dished toggles with toggle lock, a flat breech bolt, grip safety, no stock lug, flat mainspring, and fast taper barrel. The left of the barrel, left of the barrel extension, and rear toggle are marked with Swiss cross proofs, along with a “cross/V” proof and “P31” over-stamped onto the extension, signifying release to commercial sales in 1931. With matching serial numbers on the barrel and frame, along with matching”43” partials on small parts including the extension. Fitted with checkered walnut grips numbered “643” on the interior. Then nickel finished magazine is fitted with an aluminum inset hardwood base. Includes a “G.WEBER/SATTLER/MENZIKEN” and “22” marked leather holster with magazine pouch attached on the flap and a leather shoulder strap.
CONDITION: Very fine overall, retaining 98% arsenal refurbished blue finish and 80% straw colors with light edge wear, minimal handling marks, and crisp checkering on the very fine grips. The holster rig is very fine with crisp markings and supple leather. Mechanically excellent. One could look a long time for another “A” Series Swiss Contract Luger in similar condition!
Estimate: 3,500 - 5,500
LOT 1518
DWM Commercial Model 1900
Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol - Serial no. 18767, 7.65 mm Luger
Auto cal., 4 3/4 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. These Model
1900 pistols were the first true commercial Luger pistols produced by
DWM and can be found in the 2000-19000 serial number range, with this
being a very late production example bearing serial number 18767. It has
the standard blank chamber area with the DWM logo on the front toggle. The pistol has no
visible German proofs. The majority of these pistols ended up on the U.S. market. This pistol
has all the early desirable Luger features such as the early long frame, dished toggles with
toggle lock on the right side, recessed breechblock, 4 3/4 inch fast tapered barrel, grip safety,
no stock lug, and this example has been fitted with the later hold-open device. The lower safety
area is correctly unmarked and polished. “GERMANY” marked on the front of the frame, and “12” on
the left of the barrel extension. It is correctly serial numbered in the commercial fashion
with the full matching serial number under the
barrel and on the front of the frame, and
the partial matching serial number
visible on various components,
with non-matching numbered
sideplate and unnumbered grips. It
is complete with one original magazine with
the nickel-plated body and an unnumbered wooden
base. Knowledgeable collectors have concluded that this is a Portuguese 1900 test Luger with
the number “12” indicating the number of the test gun.
CONDITION: Fine, retains 60% original blue finish with extensive scattered patches of light to moderate pitting and smooth brown patina on the balance. Grips are very good with some handling marks and dents. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 3,000 - 5,000
LOT 1519
Desirable World War II Mauser “41” Date “42” Code P.08 Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol with Matching Numbered Magazine and “41” Date Holster - Serial no. 3821o, 9 mm Luger cal., 4 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. A fine representative example of a World War II production “41/42” code Mauser P.08 Luger pistol. Features fixed blade
front and notch rear sights, “41”
date on the chamber, and “42”
factory code on the front toggle
link. “Eagle” firing proofs are
present on the barrel, breech block,
and extension, with the barrel and
extension also stamped with “eagle/655” proofs. The frame is marked “P.08”
on the left. Matching visible serial numbers on the barrel, extension, and frame, with
matching “21” partials on numerous smaller parts. Fitted with a set of “eagle/655” proofed checkered grips and a blued magazine marked “122” and “eagle/37” with matching numbered aluminum base marked “3821/o/+.” Includes a black leather flap holster marked “epf/41,”“P.08,”“eagle/WaA195,” and hand marked “STETTER” on the inside of the flap.
CONDITION: Very fine, retaining 85% plus original blue finish, with scattered light edge wear, thinning on the frame, and crisp grip checkering. The holster is fine with supple leather. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 2,250 - 3,500
LOT 1520
Excellent Mauser Model
1934/06 Swiss Contract Commercial Luger Semi-Automatic
Pistol - Serial no. 3608v, 7.65 mm Luger Auto cal., 4 3/4 inch round
bbl., blue/straw finish, walnut grips. A standout example of a inter-
war manufactured Mauser Model 1934/06 Commercial Luger pistol
made for the existing DWM Swiss contract. During World War I, DWM was
unable to fulfill the Swiss demand for Luger pistols and resumed in 1919. When Mauser
took control of DWM in May 1930, all the Luger manufacturing equipment along with the
unfinished Swiss contract pistols were included and moved to Suhl, Germany. These pistols
were subsequently finished and marked by Mauser, serialized with a “v” suffix where DWM
left off. It is estimated that only 217 grip safety frames from DWM were available for Mauser to
finish, making this a very scarce variation for Luger collectors. It features fixed blade front and
notch rear sights, Swiss “cross in sunburst” crest on top of the chamber, and “Mauser
banner” on the front toggle link. Both the
extension and breech block are
marked with “crown/U” proofs.
Matching visible serial numbers
located on the bottom of the
barrel, left side of extension, and front
of frame, with two digit “08” partials on the
takedown lever, side plate, trigger, toggle links, breech block, sear, and hold-
open lever. Extractor marked “GELADEN” and safety bright in the lower position. Fitted with straw colored small parts and pair of unmarked checkered walnut grips. The correct style blue finished magazine is fitted with a “3683/v” marked aluminum base.
CONDITION: Excellent, retaining 97% plus original blue and 90% plus straw finishes with light edge wear
and minor handling marks. The grips are excellent with a compression ding visible on top of the left panel, otherwise crisp checkering. The grip safety spring has lost tension, otherwise mechanically fine.
Estimate: 3,500 - 5,500

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