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      LOT 3664
Game Scene Engraved and Gold Inlaid Dumoulin Bolt Action Rifle - Serial no. 1436, 7x64 cal., 24 inch round bbl., blue/ coin/gold finish, walnut stock. Blued steel barrel with a ramped beaded
blade front sight, two leaf (one standing, one folding) engraved island rear sight with gold center lines, front sling stud, Dumoulin marker’s mark, and standard Belgian proofs. The coin finished double square bridge action displays highly attractive scroll engraving over a matted background and checkerboard pattern matting on top. The scroll extends to the bottom metal and triggerguard and shows a detailed gold inlaid bighorn ram standing on a mountain side cut into the floorplate. Beautifully figured, multi-point checkered pistol grip stock with ebony tip, engraved crossbolts, ebony grip cap, raised cheekpiece, rear sling stud, and Pachmayr Old English recoil pad. CONDITION: Excellent overall, retaining 99% original blue, coin, and gold finishes with minor handling evidence and sharp checkering on the stock. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 5,000 - 10,000 LOT 3665 Engraved Mauser Model 66S Bolt Action Mannlicher Rifle with Scope - Serial no. SG55619, 243 Win cal., 21 inch round bbl., blue/coin finish, walnut stock. Manufactured in 1989 in Germany, this rifle is fitted with a hooded ramped blade
front sight, a Williams rear sight, and a Leupold M7-3X scope. The left side of the chamber shows the caliber and proof markings, while the top reads “Original/MAUSER”. The expertly machined telescoping action that is a hallmark of the Model 66S has been engraved with oak leaf patterns on the bolt carrier and bolt handle, while the left flat of the carrier reads “MAUSER-WERKE Oberndorf GmbH Mod. 66S “. The bolt itself is attractively jeweled to further smooth the action for the shooter. The tang is fitted with a lever which sets the trigger, giving a light, crisp trigger pull. The full-length Mannlicher stock is exceptionally crafted with a Bavarian cheekpiece, contrasting end caps at the muzzle and on the multi-point checkered pistol grip, as well as having a stout rubber recoil pad. CONDITION: Excellent overall, retaining 99% plus original blue and coin finishes with minimal handling marks and crisp stock checkering and engraving. The optics are clear. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 2,500 - 4,000 LOT 3666 Upgraded Winchester Model 70 Bolt Action Rifle with Zeiss Scope - NSN, 30-06 cal., 22 1/2 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. Built on a pre-64 configuration Winchester Model 70 action, this rifle features no sights on the barrel that is simply marked “30-06” on the left, dovetailed scope mounts on top of the action which hold a Zeiss Diavari-C 3-9x36T* scope, and jeweled bolt and follower. Mounted in an exceptionally well-contrasted multipoint checkered walnut stock with an ebony forend cap, cross bolts, shadowline cheekpiece, blued pistol grip cap, and blued checkered Neidner buttplate. CONDITION: Excellent, retaining 99% plus professionally refinished blue finish with limited handling marks and some pinhole type pitting on the extractor claw. Wood is very fine with a few dings and scratches and some hardly noticeable stress lines coming off the upper tang. Mechanically excellent. Scope is excellent with clear optics and a crisp reticle. Estimate: 3,500 - 5,500
LOT 3667
Mauser Model 03 Stutzen Bolt Action Rifle with Scope -
Serial no. MR001870, 308 Win cal., 19 3/4 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. Manufactured in 2014 with a stutzen model barrel and ramped bead front and rear sights. The bolt handle is made from well figured walnut. Comes with a Leupold Mark AR 3-9x40 scope, plastic case, extra scope mount, extra magazine, and a nylon sling. CONDITION: Excellent, retaining 99% plus original blue finish, with limited handling marks. Stock is very fine with minor dings and scratches, rear sling swivel has been plugged and a new one re-drilled. Mechanically excellent and optics clear. Estimate: 2,500 - 4,000
LOT 3668
Fabrique Nationale Mauser 98 Pattern Bolt Action Sporting Rifle - Serial no. 4429, 25-06 cal., 24 3/4 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. Features a tapered barrel drilled and tapped for rear sight mounting and without sights, Redfield adjustable base and rings on the receiver, polished bolt, blue extractor, engraved magazine floorplate, adjustable trigger with serrated trigger, and serrated flag type safety. The barrel is left unfinished, and marked “shop - Mattoon Ill.” Fitted with a multi-point checkered pistol grip stock with checkered plastic grip cap, raised cheekpiece, and checkered steel buttplate. Includes leather soft case. CONDITION: Very good overall as professionally refinished, retaining 95% plus blue finish with light scattered handling marks and crisp stock checkering. The safety will release the striker if it is pushed into the fire position after the trigger is pulled, but otherwise mechanically excellent.
      Estimate: 2,000 - 3,500 361

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