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the two-line Winchester
Attractive Engraved, Gold Inlaid and Carved Winchester Deluxe Style Model 1886 Extra Lightweight Takedown Lever Action Short Rifle - Serial no. 113910, 45-70 cal., 22 inch round bbl., blue finish, carved deluxe walnut stock. This Model 1886 rifle was custom upgraded to a beautiful highly finish arm using Winchester factory inspired patterns. The receiver is decorated with near full coverage floral scrollwork on punch dot background and finely detailed gold inlaid game scenes with thin gold inlaid borders. The left side features a buck and doe, the right side features an elk, and the underside features a bear. The engraving extends to the forend cap, breech of the barrel, magazine cap, takedown collar, bolt, hammer, lever, and buttplate. Double gold inlaid bands appear at the muzzle and single gold inlaid band appears at the breech of the barrel. The rifle is fitted with
a Marble No. 6 beaded blade front sight and an elevation
address, single line nickel steel marking and caliber designation. The receiver has a 20th century Winchester factory oval proof. The upper tang has the late production “MODEL 86” along with the trade mark information. The lower tang has the patent date marking and the serial number. The hammer, trigger, and lever are casehardened, and the remaining surfaces are blued. The deluxe walnut forearm and pistol grip stock have “F” style carved checkering. CONDITION: Very fine overall as professionally upgraded
to current configuration and embellished, retaining 99% plus of the blue and casehardened finishes with the barrel and magazine tube having an attractive plum appearance, short forearm, minimal handling marks, and crisp stock and forearm checkering. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 8,500 - 13,000
LOT 3072 adjustable rear sight. Barrel has

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