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About this Auction
Ladies and gentlemen, we at RIAC proudly present our second Premier auction of the 2022 season. True to form, it is another unbelievable and comprehensive offering of the finest and rarest arms and accessories from the most celebrated and respected collections in the world. The list of renowned collections featured in this sale is nothing short of remarkable: Dr. Robert Azar, George Gamble, Dr. Gerald Klaz, Malcom King, Robert M. Lee, Tom Lewis, and Mac McCroskie. It is with a heavy heart that we add another name to that list, the Joe Wanenmacher Collection. As the owner and promoter of the world’s largest gun show, Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show, Joe needs no introduction. The Wanenmacher show is an institution in our field; over 4,000 tables, 11 acres of guns, and 65 years in the running! Making the trip to the "big Tulsa show" or simply "Tulsa" is a rite of passage in our field and a bucket list trip for many collectors and firearms enthusiasts. Hell, at the last Tulsa show I was at, I ran into a group of guys who were there for their buddies' bachelor party trip! Everyone who attended his show knew Joe as friendly, kind hearted and knowledgeable. His legacy is as large as the 75-foot "Golden Driller" statue outside the convention center. It is an honor and a privilege to be selected to market and sell his collection.
It is almost futile to comment on any of the individual guns contained within the sale, but I am compelled to say just a few things. I will limit myself to three points because these catalogs speak much louder than anything I could possibly write here.
1. As far as I can tell, this is the finest public offering of first generation Colt Single Actions ever. From rare configurations, rare calibers, boxes, cases, accessories, shipping destinations, many of which have several or all of these, with a remarkable emphasis on condition, this sale has it all.
2. Staying on the subject of Colts, this sale has two of the finest conditioned examples, certainly by model designation/inspector, and arguably of the cartridge and percussion era. The first being Lot 64 the legendary McClatchie Root. The second being Lot 121 the RAC inspected Colt Cavalry Revolver. Minted is not a word we use when describing guns, but it most certainly applies to these two elite, investment quality Colts.
3. Firmo Fracassi WOW! This is exactly what we reference when we say "Not All Art Is Framed". Lot 1333 the Fracassi engraved Rizzini 20 gauge is as pure and magnificent as engraving gets. Hard work and practice aside some talent is God given. What a pleasure to handle, study and enjoy.
As always, I would like to thank the brilliant and ridiculously hard working team that is Rock Island Auction Company. Every facet of our company is represented within the pages of these catalogs. Thank you for passion, grit and tenacity.
We are looking forward to seeing everybody in August. We hope you enjoy the catalogs. It is a remarkable auction. Our team is at your service.
Kevin Hogan, President
Rock Island Auction Company
You’re Invited Please Join us for an Evening of
             Thursday, August 25TH (Auction Preview Day)
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Auction Hall
 Visit us at the RIAC Premier Auction cocktail party for hors d’oeuvres & drinks, live music by Southern Cross Band along with plenty of reminiscing, gun talk and appreciation of your support!

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