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Not All Art
  R efinement bears its own rewards. Regardless of the form it takes – the bouquet of a well-aged wine, the precision movements of a fine timepiece, or the wind-slipping lines of a sports car – there is an undeniable satisfaction in both creating and savoring objects of quality. The effect can
be visceral, evoking the slow sigh of satisfaction or a nod of acknowledgment from those who create and those who appreciate such
excellence. This quiet recognition of the exceptional is nearly as old as mankind’s capacity to create it; inextricably bound through
It is no small coincidence that when one chooses to acknowledge their own successes and efforts, they seek those kindred spirits with a respect
not just for a job well done, but for refinement. Your hard work and pursuit of quality draws you toward those who also make that same investment. Excellence celebrates excellence.
This becomes apparent when examining some of history’s most valued creations. Symphonies, monuments, cathedrals, and all manner of art have been created to celebrate success. Military victories and alliances were often consecrated with presentations of lavish arms & armor,
and when technology evolved to include firearms, it was no surprise they too were brought to bear in this ancient practice.
The recognition of fine arms extends far beyond their role as refined objects. They frequently represent the peak technology of the
day, symbolized power, could be embellished with precious metals and jewels or even personalized. The gift of a firearm was one of luxury,
strength, wealth, trust, social status, industry, science, and honor. Many of these qualities made the collecting of fine arms, swords, and armor the “hobby of kings,” and contributes to their collectability today.
Thankfully, the same qualities that made fine arms appealing to the social elite of eras past, today allows the passion for arms collecting to extend far beyond aristocracy. Anyone who enjoys art, engineering, craftsmanship, history, or the evolution of technology through the centuries will find an area of
arms collecting that speaks to them.
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